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A Family Health Team is an innovative way of providing health care to you and your family. It is a team approach that brings together various healthcare professionals in order to coordinate the best possible care for the members of our community. When you enroll as a patient with the OakMed Family Health Team, you are taking a step to ensure that you always have ready access to health care from a family doctor and a team of health care professionals AND that you have a comprehensive, historical approach to all of your healthcare.

Our programs and services are open to all of our patients, if you see a program or service you would like to participate in, please advise your Family Physician or contact the relevant health professional or support staff.

Booking Appointments

We are respectful of your time and try our best to see you at your scheduled time. In order to help us achieve that goal for you, we ask that you arrive for your appointments five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start and come prepared with your list of questions and your prescriptions. For periodic health exams that require a full physical or well baby exams, we ask that you come fifteen (15) minutes early so we can optimize the time you have with your physician by doing basic measures like your height and weight before your scheduled appointment.

If you are running late, please call us to let us know. We shall make every effort to accommodate you. Depending on the demand of the day, we may need to reschedule your appointment if you have arrived more than fifteen (15) minutes late.

We try to cover as many of your questions and needs as possible in a single visit. Out of respect for the patients who are waiting, we may need to schedule for you to come back in order to address all of your questions. Your physician can help you prioritize your list of concerns so we are sure to address the most pressing ones first.

Healthcare emergencies do arise and at times your physician may run late. We do our best to keep you advised of this when you arrive and can offer you the options of waiting, rescheduling for another time or seeing another service provider.

Cancelling an Appointment

We recognize that at times you will no longer need or be able to attend a scheduled appointment. Please call our main line as soon as you can to cancel, (905) 901-5111.

We ask that you let us know at least six (6) business hours prior to your appointment time so that we can offer that time slot to someone else in need. Cancellations after this threshold or if you simply don’t show up will incur a fee equivalent to the OHIP value of that appointment time.

McMaster Resident Physicians

We are dedicated to teaching and role modeling the delivery of quality, comprehensive, compassionate health care to the new generation of physicians who will be soon graduating. Some of our physicians have teaching affiliations with McMaster University or with the University of Toronto and from time to time there may be resident physicians involved in your care.

We respect the fact that some issues, due to their extensive history or sensitive nature, you would rather discuss only with your family physician. It is always your choice as to whether you see the resident physician or not, and we are respectful of your decision.


PHONE: At times we may need to contact you to remind you about specialist referrals, vaccinations, preventative care screening or go over test results. Messages may be left on your voice mail if we are unable to reach you directly during business hours. Please make sure you have signed or sign the communications release and provide our receptionist with a private and confidential contact number where you feel comfortable having such messages left for you.

PATIENT EMAIL: At the OakMed Family Health Team (OFHT) we are always looking at ways to improve our communication with our patients. One way is email communication.


In our clinic, most providers have the chance to communicate with patients by email. While emailing can be quick and simple, it also has some risks related to it. Recently, the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) put out an information sheet about the legal risks of communicating with patients. For OFHT, email communication with patients is allowed where it improves efficiency and the relationship between the provider and patient.

To start, we are looking to use email for quick, one-way transfer of information from SETFHT to you. An email may be sent to you to let you know of normal results, reminders to have testing done or reminders for certain visits. We will also be using it to let people know about appointments that have been set up for you. This will allow for more timely communication and avoid the back and forth of phone calls. At this time there will not be any two-way communication through emails. In the future we may consider using email to follow up about your health status or to get information such as brief updates about your illness. Email should not be used to have ongoing dialogue with OFHT and it is not meant to replace a visit with your health care provider. Oakmed Family Health Team recognizes the risks of email communication and wants you to recognize it as well.

Please make sure you read the following about the use of email in our office and a consent form will need to be signed before using email through our office. If you are interested in email communications, please print out the consent form and bring it with you to your next appointment.

  • Before email communication will be used, the OFHT-Patient Email Communication Consent Form must be signed first and scanned into your chart.
  • All email communication will become a permanent part of your electronic medical record.
  • No urgent information will/should be communicated by email.
  • Email will not be used for to communicate diagnoses.
  • Each email will include a message that email communication is one way and replies will not be looked at.
  • You must be aware that security of email at your end is your responsibility. You are encouraged to use personal email and not work based email for all email communications with OFHT.
  • The information of completed emails will be added to your electronic medical record in order to create a permanent record.
  • It is your responsibility to notify us should your email address change at any point.

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