Fees & Insurance

All you need to know about billing and coverage

There is no fee for most of the programs and services offered at OakMed as they are funded through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). A resident of Ontario must have a health card to show that he or she is entitled to health care services paid for by OHIP. Please bring your health card to your appointment.

Uninsured Services

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care pays for a wide range of services, however, it does not pay for services that are not medically necessary, such as cosmetic surgery, sick notes, reference letters, physiotherapist notes, travel consultation and immunization, copy and transfer of medical records etc. Uninsured services that are not covered by OHIP require separate billing processes. We charge patients a fee for providing those uninsured services. A brief description of insured services is available here.

Fees for uninsured services that are NOT covered by OHIP

  • Travel Medicine consultations $60/person; $100 for 2 people (same visit); $25 for more than 2 people
  • Yellow Fever vaccine and administration $145.00
    PLEASE NOTE: We are out of stock of Yellow Fever Vaccine due to national shortages. We advise our patients to contact other Yellow Fever centres if they feel they may need this vaccine. We will inform you as soon as the vaccine becomes available again at our clinic.
  • Forms (including sick notes, employment/school, etc) $20.00—$50.00
  • Government Forms $25.00—$150.00
  • OCF Insurance Certificates $35.00—$130.00
  • Life & Health Insurance Forms $103.80—$400.00
  • Doctor Visit Fees (no OHIP coverage) $68.00—$160.00
  • Other Office Fees $10.00—$100.00

Fax Prescriptions

At the OakMed Family Health Team, we endeavor to provide the highest quality care for you. Part of this goal includes ensuring appropriate monitoring of health conditions, effectiveness and side effects from medications. Prescriptions are written for enough medication until your next visit is due, where medications can be re-evaluated and any problems addressed.

Due to the large amounts of phone and fax requests for prescriptions we have been receiving and the associated high administrative burden that takes us away from taking care of you, we are introducing a phone and fax prescription renewal fee. Patients can avoid this fee by tracking their medications and booking follow- up appointments appropriately.

For any phone or fax prescription, there will be a $20 fee. If you require a refill of your medication, you are encouraged to see your physician, as it is likely a follow-up appointment is needed. If your physician is absent, another physician or nurse practitioner at the OakMed Family Health Team will be able to help you. If you still wish to have the pharmacist phone or fax a prescription request to our office, the pharmacist will ask you to authorize the $20 fee. If the pharmacist forgets to do this, please tell them you authorize that fee or else the request will not be considered immediately and will be significantly delayed.

We will add the fee to your chart record and it is expected that you will make payment at your next visit to our office. Failure to pay any outstanding fees for this service will mean that we will no longer provide prescription renewals by phone or fax until the account has been cleared. We strongly believe if you manage your prescriptions well, your health will be better. Doing so also reduces unnecessary administrative burdens that allow us to focus on providing quality care for you.

Registering with OakMed

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Various Services offered

In addition to the care that you receive from your family doctor, the Oakmed also has other health care providers available to support your needs.

Total Health Pharmacy

  • Located adjacent to OakMed FHT (Operated independently)
  • (905) 257-0606    (905) 257-6390